Step 2 - Hi-Fi Mains Extensions.


Key Points

A choice of 3 ranges to suit every budget and level of system
'Star Powering' your components from a single block is both convenient and boosts performance
High quality mains extensions lower mains impedance and provide a more efficient current supply, allowing your equipment to perform more efficiently


Once you've addressed your power cables the next step is to replace any mains extensions with one of our dedicated units.

Ordinary extension blocks available in shops can degrade the sound to a surprising extent so it makes sense to upgrade this essential step in your mains supply.

Star Powering.

Getting sockets nearer to your system is much more convenient but there’s also a very good electrical reason for using a mains extension; it means your equipment is 'star powered' back to the wall socket your extension is plugged into. It sounds better and looks neater, too.


What makes Russ Andrews mains extensions Different?

Although most Hi-Fi and Home Cinema systems have relatively low current demands, a modest Hi-Fi amplifier can still easily demand 100 amps from the mains for a millisecond on loud drum transients! This is why we believe that creating an efficient, low impedance connection to your mains supply is so important.

Reducing mains impedance by getting rid of unnecessary switches and replacing inadequate cabling and sockets will, in our experience, ensure your system delivers deep, natural bass, a smoother treble and a wide, three-dimensional soundstage.Russ Andrews X-Block
no switch
A simple but effective approach.

Our approach is simple; get these basics right and you’ll ensure your system is getting a good, efficient supply of electricity. So, first we get rid of any switches - none of our extensions are switched so there are no issues associated with increased impedance due to the power having to go through cheap switching components.

Next we look at the sockets, ensuring that the materials and ‘grip-factor’ provide a good connection to effectively transfer power from the block to the mains leads feeding your kit.

The importance of wiring.

Then we look at the internal cabling. Many cheap extensions use 'bus bars' to channel power - these are simple pieces of cheap, flat copper and do nothing to optimise power transfer. Even our 'starter' extension - the PowerBar
- uses proper cabling to do the job, and we then apply a 'lite' version of our Super Burn-in process to improve performance even more

Signature PowerBlockHigh Performance Casework.

Next up is the casework material. There are two types of material we use; aluminium for the PowerBar and shatterproof ABS for our X-Blocks and Signature PowerBlocks. We use ABS because of its combination of strength, rigidity and acoustic neutrality. Aluminium is used on the PowerBar for more practical reasons; ABS is not available on lower-cost extensions so aluminium is a good, non-metallic alternative.

Unique to us.

All our extensions are unique to us, either built to our specifications, in the case of the PowerBar
, or designed and built by us from the ground up, in the case of the X-Blocks and PowerBlocks.

How to choose your Hi-Fi mains Extension

The simple answer is: "choose the best you can afford". There is nothing wrong with going for the PowerBar as your first step if you are on a tight budget, and it's a big improvement over the standard 'supermarket' type. But there really is a massive step up in quality when you move up to the X-Blocks, or their bigger brother the Signature PowerBlock.

Upgrade Scheme.

Keep in mind, though, that our Upgrade Scheme does allow you to upgrade from the PowerBar
so you can always trade-in for one of the higher-end extensions at a later date and get anything up 100% back on the orininal cost.
Find out more about our upgrade scheme here.

No Risk, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Very few 'seperates' HI-Fi systems we come across would not benefit clearly from this upgrade but, remember, our 60-day money-back guarantee is there to allow you time to compare for yourself and make your own mind up. Find out more here.

Click on the links below to find out more about each extension in our range.

PowerBar S™ 4-way
PowerBar S™ 6-way
PowerBar S™ 8-way
X2 Block™
X4 Block™
X6 Block™
X8 Block™
Signature PowerBlock™

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